Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Penny Boat Fun

Our family is trying to do a family activity each week to get closer and have fun together. We planned an activity. The planning goes like this: everyone throws out a bunch of ideas for the activity and we vote on it. Connor wanted to make penny boats. His won because we had votes for 3 activites (all had two votes) and Mckenna had the deciding vote. I think she liked the sound of money being involved. The kids whose ideas did not win were not too happy about the activity and one complained all day that it would be boring. What are penny boats? Well, everyone gets the same size and shape of tin foil and designs their own boat. The boat goes in water and the one that holds the most pennies before sinking wins. Guess who won? If you guessed the child that complained, you are right. Jacob won with over 20 pennies. Kellie felt he cheated because she was winning and then Jacob changed his boat design and beat her, LOL! Brent decided to spice things up by having tin foil boat races. He had two boats in a cookie sheet of water. Kellie and Connor were on opposite sides of the pan and were supposed to blow the boats to the opposite side, the winner being the one who got the boat there the fastest. Anyone ever heard of this one before? Well, the kids were in position and Brent slapped the water and sprayed the two of them pretty good. That started a mini water fight in the house.

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