Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stake Conference

I really love Stake Conference. The themes are personal to me and those I go to church with and associate with. Our theme for the year is based on family. Our family has really been working on strengthening ours in many ways. Listening to the speakers at Stake Conference made me want to work harder and with more urgency on that goal. I had recently been feeling overwhelmed and a little tied to home. Homeschooling kids is difficult in that regard. It feels sometimes that I can never get time for myself or adult conversation. I then remembered why I am homeschooling and realized that during this time of my life I SHOULD be tied to home and my kids. My kids are growing very quickly and it won't be too long until they are not here anymore. The messages shared brought back to focus my purpose as a mom. Oh, and we had to be good and listen because our family was part of a "family" choir and we were sitting on the stand. The conference was broadcast to all the ward buildings in our stake. Poor Brent had the camera right on him the whole time. I do need to set some time aside for myself to rejuvinate and do the things that fulfill some of my needs and also time to keep my marriage happy. It was a good weekend!

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