Monday, April 6, 2009

Kellie again!

Kellie tried out for cheerleader and she MADE IT!!! We are so proud of her. School is a struggle for Kellie and she was able to keep her grades up to try out. Now we have to keep them up from now on. She wanted this so bad and has really worked hard. Her tumbling was the best of all those that tried out. After mock try-outs, I didn't think she'd make it. Everything looked good, but she wasn't projecting or standing out in any way. I got a call from her hip hop teacher who was at the mock. She was a competitive cheerleader and gymnast. She asked me to give her one hour with Kellie. By the end of the hour, Kell was ready. Names of groups were pulled randomly and I was pretty worried. She was put with the one girl who would be returning this next year and another really tough competitor. Next round she was put with the tough competitor again and another girl. That night we had to wait and see if she got a phone call. If the call came, she didn't make it. The call didn't come, the cheerleaders came instead to pick her up.