Friday, August 27, 2010

Diet - again

Our family is in the middle of a lifestyle change. We recently found out that 3 of our children have food intolerances and/or allergies. The food that is common in all three is gluten. After a lot of research I believe that the other foods are now allergens because of their consumption of gluten. I also believe that my infertility/endometriosis are linked to food because my endo symptoms receded and I became pregnant after I drastically reduced white flour and sugar from my own diet. I wanted to send a video link for people that suspect they or their family might have some sort of food allergy/intolerance. This link is specific to gluten but it still may give some idea of what types of problems can happen when someone consumes foods they have intolerances to. Also, it explains the difference between a celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten allergy.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor!

I'm having a moment. My boy is 12 today! Can you believe it, 12 years old. I love my Conbon. Connor is my ONLY snuggly child. He has been this way since day one. He's always the one to give me a hug, want to sit down by me and often asks if we can snuggle. Connor is SUPER intelligent. His best subject is math. He could spend days putting legos together and has come up with some really cool designs of his own. His designs usually involve trap doors, slides, weapons, etc. Con has always been a peacemaker. He makes friends easily and wants everyone to be happy. Con will now be able to hold the priesthood (huge milestone), pass the sacrament, and has graduated from Cub Scouts to Scouts. I love my Con! Happy Birthday!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mailaya

I'm hoping to have my computer back today so I can post pics later. Yesterday was Mailaya's 7th birthday. I LOVE my sweet Mailaya. I searched for her for a little less than a year. I knew I was looking for a girl, but where, I didn't know. Many situations were presented to us. We took classes for Utah Foster care, had a beautiful girl from Kazakstan in our home, either declined or denied several domestic adoptions and when I was ready to give up, we found Mailaya. She is a joy and a delight. She is strong, quiet (unless you get her alone!), loving, desires to help, and beautiful. Even before I was marrried I wanted to adopt a child internationally. I was able to fulfill this dream with Mailaya. Mailaya has many friends due to her laid back personality. She also has an intense love for her true friends and family.

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Mailaya. She decided on a luau. We had fruit kabobs and pina coladas with sorbet and cute straws. We had a "pie" eating contest with whipping cream instead of pie. We did the limbo stick. Made sponge balls. Had a HUGE water fight with balloons and the sponges, oh and buckets. Mailaya's friends were relentless in getting Connor, Kellie and Mailaya wet. It was fun. A couple of kids asked about cake but were okay when I said we didn't have one. I wasn't prepared to make a gluten free cake and ran out of time for it anyway.