Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Connor!

I'm having a moment. My boy is 12 today! Can you believe it, 12 years old. I love my Conbon. Connor is my ONLY snuggly child. He has been this way since day one. He's always the one to give me a hug, want to sit down by me and often asks if we can snuggle. Connor is SUPER intelligent. His best subject is math. He could spend days putting legos together and has come up with some really cool designs of his own. His designs usually involve trap doors, slides, weapons, etc. Con has always been a peacemaker. He makes friends easily and wants everyone to be happy. Con will now be able to hold the priesthood (huge milestone), pass the sacrament, and has graduated from Cub Scouts to Scouts. I love my Con! Happy Birthday!!!

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