Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Unexpected

Yesterday I received an email from Jacob's teacher.  Just a little background - In a Montessori school, a child's class includes 3 grades.  1-3 graders are together as are 4-6.  It's really nice because a teacher really gets to know your child this way.  Anyway, the email said that she had noticed a change in Jacob over the past 2 weeks and attributed it to some leadership opportunities that he has been given.  I do know the opportunities have helped his confidence, but the behaviour has to do with the tea he has been consuming.  It gives me SO much hope that his teacher noticed so early on in the school year.  I purposely chose not to tell her about the tea because I didn't want her to have a biased opinion.  I am hoping that after some time, the reduction in anxiety will help his impulse control because I think they are intertwined.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have to post about my sweet Karlyn.  Karlyn is Grandpa's girl.  She calls him gamma-gamma.  She is a true girlie-girl.  If she was allowed, she would wear dresses 24/7.  She loves dolls and any stuffed animal.  Karlyn (we call her Karlyn Darlin') is talking up a storm.  She loves to give hugs and kisses.  When she wants my attention she will climb on top of me, grab my face and make sure I'm giving her the attention she deserves.  It's been hard for her to see everyone go to school.  She asks where everyone is constantly.  She even packed her own backpack today which really made it seem a bit better.

First Day of Preschool

     Today was Mckenna's first day of preschool.  She was so excited!  She was up and ready to go with the rest of the kids.  She was hoping she would make some new friends (she will there were new kids in the class this year) and also hoping some of her old friends would return. 

Connor and School

     Connor always manages to surprise me.  A little background.  Connor pretty much flunked the 4th grade.  It's not that he isn't/wasn't bright - he's amazingly bright.  Connor just didn't like busy work.  Let's face it, anything he had to write down didn't get done.  He used to stuff his papers in his desk at school.  We'd get the papers at the end of the quarter with the assignment to finish them.  I knew that wasn't going to happen and quite frankly, I didn't think it was a good idea in the first place.  So, I let the teacher know that Connor would be moving forward because going back wasn't going to do anyone any good.  In 5th grade we homeschooled.  That was an amazing experience.  We used an online program and he was told each day that he had certain assignments to do but could do them as quickly or slowly as he chose.  It usually took him a couple of hours and then he could do what he wanted to do.  It was a great year and he learned A LOT!  Last year he attended a Montessori charter school.  It was a fabulous experience.  His teacher loved him and it made all of the difference.  The school believes in teaching children to work independently, respect others, etc.  6th graders were given many leadership opportunities.  They worked as a team to raise funds to go to Catalina Island for a field trip.  He came away from the school with a sense of accomplishment and self confidence.
     This year he is attending our local jr. high school.  He started off the year with a desire to get a 4.0.  Will he get it?  I'm not sure, but he's giving it his all and we will do all we can to support that goal.  He was very excited for the first school stomp.  Connor was also a little upset because he didn't know how to dance.  Kellie showed him how to slow dance because apparently no one fast dances anymore.  Interesting.  He came home from the stomp and said that he had danced EVERY slow dance.  WHAT?  He even asked some of the girls.  It was pretty amazing.  Keep it up Connor!