Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update on Unexpected

Yesterday I received an email from Jacob's teacher.  Just a little background - In a Montessori school, a child's class includes 3 grades.  1-3 graders are together as are 4-6.  It's really nice because a teacher really gets to know your child this way.  Anyway, the email said that she had noticed a change in Jacob over the past 2 weeks and attributed it to some leadership opportunities that he has been given.  I do know the opportunities have helped his confidence, but the behaviour has to do with the tea he has been consuming.  It gives me SO much hope that his teacher noticed so early on in the school year.  I purposely chose not to tell her about the tea because I didn't want her to have a biased opinion.  I am hoping that after some time, the reduction in anxiety will help his impulse control because I think they are intertwined.


Melissa said...

Very cool Jen! It's such a relief to hear when our kids are doing great in school, especially after some not so great experiences! Very happy for you and Jacob!

Jen said...

Thanks Melissa! It IS a relief.