Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can You Feel the Love?

It's February! The "love" month. What do I love most? My family. I love that Mckenna heard Brent pull up in the driveway and ran to the door, "daddy's home, daddy's home!!!" When he walked in she excitedly told him that she was drinking hot cocoa. I love that Jacob had 6 days of good behaviour. I love that Connor still loves to cuddle. I appreciate that Kellie leaves notes on the mirror for everyone to read and know she cares. I enjoy Mailaya telling me that she needs a hug. I love watching everyone want to make every waking moment of Karlyn's a happy one. I love that my dh is getting pizza tonight because he knows I don't feel well. I LOVE my FAMILY!

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GRAMEE said...

aawww... this is true love!