Saturday, March 27, 2010

22 things I've learned from being a mom

So, if you've noticed that my background is still "Happy New Years," you're pretty observant. I can't change my background because I can't get my computer to work right when I'm on the internet. I just might have this background until I get my computer fixed which just might be around next New Years, LOL!

I just read about this great idea to list 22 things I've learned from being a mom. I haven't thought of 22, so I'll start with a few.

1. Pull-ups are not underwear. They may have princesses on them, but the three year old is not fooled in to thinking they are underwear.

2. Babies don't like baby jar peas. Heck, have you tasted them? Giving them peas is like saying, "hey cute baby, here's something you can spit all over mommy and really get a good laugh!"

3. If it sounds too quiet, RUN! If you don't, there might be a pile of hair somewhere and bald spots on a child.

4. I have no actual video footage of this one, but apparently a child can start a fire by tripping over a match.

5. "Mommy, I love you," or "thanks mom," can make the worst days seem pretty darn good.

6. Sticks are a boys best friend. The bigger the stick, the better.

7. Big girls need their mommy just as much as little girls. Same with boys.

8. Never say "uh, huh" when you're pre-occupied. You never know what you just said yes to.

9. There is nothing that can make you smile like a child laughing.

10. Peace is holding a child while they sleep.

11. The times when a child needs you the most are the times it is most difficult to be around that child. Be around them anyway.

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