Monday, January 4, 2010

Such a Lovely week

I love vacation-relaxation time. Sometimes vacations don't work out like that. This one did. Brent and I have both been really tired lately. We decided to have a quiet New Year's Eve. Instead of inviting family or friends over, we watched a movie with the kids (Night at the Museum) and then put the kids to bed. We then played a little WII Fit Plus and watched "An Affair to Remember." It was so nice. New Year's Day we invited another family to our house to sleigh ride and have nachos and hot cocoa. We ended up having 5 of the kids at our home after that and we played games until they left. Saturday, we went to my moms for our annual sea food dinner. Wow, I wish I would have taken a picture of the crab legs. They were huge!!! It was fun getting together with family. We learned a fun game, Jungle Uno, which was a riot. Sunday, we had a Christmas get together with Brent's family. It was fun. You know the best thing? My kids were SO good.

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