Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How's it Going?

It's going great! What? My first New Year's resolution. Strengthening my family has been fun. One of the "Teaching Self Government" ideas is to have a once a week activity with the whole family. I actually asked Nicholeen about this because we already have FHE (family home evening). She said that they do FHE on Sunday and the activity on Monday. The reason is the anticipation of a family planned event is really important. It has been especially important in our home right now. One child is making some huge changes and has lost privileges quite a bit. Family time is special and every child gets to participate in all of the planned family stuff, even if they don't have privileges. We've only had two activities so far but I can see it's something the kids are going to relish and become more creative in planning as time goes on. We did puzzles the first night and went sledding last night. We had intended to build a snow man and have a snowball fight but the snow wasn't right for either. We had sledding as our secondary plan. It turned out to be a great lesson in having fun even though plans change.


Nicholeen said...

Unity, unity! Playing together is so important. Great progress!

Jen said...

Thanks Nicholeen! Love your book.