Monday, March 9, 2009

This is the last post today, I promise

We adopted Mailaya from Samoa in 2004. She was 9 months old. The agency that we adopted Mailaya with came under a federal investigation some time after that. I believe we were contacted first in the summer of 2006. It began with just over 80 federal endictments. Well, this is FINALLY over. We are so glad. Our case was being used in the prosecution and the defense. There were rumors of us losing our children. It was horrible. In the end, the agency was disbanded and 5 misdemeanors were handed down. This resulted in the five main agency workers having a 5 year probation and some other stipulations that aren't completely worked out yet. Personally, I am glad that these folks, who I consider friends, did not have anything more than the misdemeanor. I am so grateful to have Mailaya as my daughter. She brings such love and joy in to our lives!


Ladysam said...

what a relief it is OVER with! When you said a rumor about losing your kids, did you mean all of them? Not that it matters, but I wondered how they could justify that.

Jen said...

It came out in the news accounts that we might have to send our (adopters of Samoan kids with FOC) back to Samoa. Even when they (the prosecution) said that this woulnd't happen, they said that the Samoan parents could try for custody if they wanted. I have never been worried about that because I don't believe loving birthparents would ever do that. Still, it was scary.