Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Hopeful Moment

One of the things we struggle with constantly with Jacob is a lack of remorse and the fact that he does everything without thinking first. I had him home for several days (partly weekend) and off of sugar for nearly 72 hours. We had dinner after the funeral and there was very little that Jacob could eat. It was hard on him. All around were treats. He resisted them. Later I asked why he had resisted. He said that he didn't want to come home and break down and that he knew I would be upset if he had sugar. This is HUGE for him. He actually thought of the consequences and made a decision based on that. Unfortunately, he went back to school and ate a ton of sweets. We have to start all over again. We found out that he is pre-diabetic and also that the sugar is causing some problems in his brain (hence the impulsiveness). I may have to take him out of school until he is strong enough to say no to all of the sweets.


Ladysam said...

Jen, does Jacob have an IEP? One thing I thought of, even if he doesnt, is that the school has to abide by your wishes when it comes to what he is allowed to eat. You have to tell them he has an allergy to sugar and he is not allowed to have it at all. We had to do this with Matthew for his high fat diet. They are always prepared at the school just in case he shows up for breakfast, he is not allowed sugar. This is the same for lunch-no sugar because it is bad for his digestive tract. I think you need to make some non-popular visits to the school and get a little tough with them.

Jen said...

Thanks Stormy! That's a good idea. I'm already quite unpopular with teachers and the principal. A few more things shouldn't hurt. Jen