Saturday, March 27, 2010

22 things I've learned from being a mom

So, if you've noticed that my background is still "Happy New Years," you're pretty observant. I can't change my background because I can't get my computer to work right when I'm on the internet. I just might have this background until I get my computer fixed which just might be around next New Years, LOL!

I just read about this great idea to list 22 things I've learned from being a mom. I haven't thought of 22, so I'll start with a few.

1. Pull-ups are not underwear. They may have princesses on them, but the three year old is not fooled in to thinking they are underwear.

2. Babies don't like baby jar peas. Heck, have you tasted them? Giving them peas is like saying, "hey cute baby, here's something you can spit all over mommy and really get a good laugh!"

3. If it sounds too quiet, RUN! If you don't, there might be a pile of hair somewhere and bald spots on a child.

4. I have no actual video footage of this one, but apparently a child can start a fire by tripping over a match.

5. "Mommy, I love you," or "thanks mom," can make the worst days seem pretty darn good.

6. Sticks are a boys best friend. The bigger the stick, the better.

7. Big girls need their mommy just as much as little girls. Same with boys.

8. Never say "uh, huh" when you're pre-occupied. You never know what you just said yes to.

9. There is nothing that can make you smile like a child laughing.

10. Peace is holding a child while they sleep.

11. The times when a child needs you the most are the times it is most difficult to be around that child. Be around them anyway.

Friday, March 26, 2010

So Much Excitement!!!

Ok, so there is something seriously wrong with my computer and I'm having trouble posting, but it looks like I've at least found a workaround for now. So on to the exciting news. Yesterday, after much hard work, Kellie made cheerleader for next year. She was the first one picked up by the 9th grade cheerleaders and so I missed that part, I'm so sad about that. I had to pick up Jacob, Mailaya and Mckenna from grandmas (which is about 2 min. from our house). Anyway, I went to the local restaurant and got pics of the girls. This gorgeous downs syndrome girl tried out and is an honorary cheerleader. She was so cute at the mock tryouts and even remembered her personal cheer. I'll see if I can post a pic later. Kellie really wants to be cheer captain or co-captain so we'll see what happens with that. She'd make a good captain.

Next, Brent has lost almost 10lbs from doing the P90X. He also is getting a little flexibility in his feet and ankles AND he even jumped. Okay, so I wouldn't actually call it jumping, but his feet almost left the floor, LOL! Anything that can help his pain and flexibility is awesome. I have also lost a little weight, 2 lbs. Even better, I'm gaining muscle.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Anyone ever heard of this? If you haven't, it's a 90 day workout program designed to kick your butt! Well, Brent and I are on day 2 and I'm feeling it. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm hoping to lose about 15-20 lbs before June. I've got my 20 year reunion and I want to look decent.

Penny Boat Fun

Our family is trying to do a family activity each week to get closer and have fun together. We planned an activity. The planning goes like this: everyone throws out a bunch of ideas for the activity and we vote on it. Connor wanted to make penny boats. His won because we had votes for 3 activites (all had two votes) and Mckenna had the deciding vote. I think she liked the sound of money being involved. The kids whose ideas did not win were not too happy about the activity and one complained all day that it would be boring. What are penny boats? Well, everyone gets the same size and shape of tin foil and designs their own boat. The boat goes in water and the one that holds the most pennies before sinking wins. Guess who won? If you guessed the child that complained, you are right. Jacob won with over 20 pennies. Kellie felt he cheated because she was winning and then Jacob changed his boat design and beat her, LOL! Brent decided to spice things up by having tin foil boat races. He had two boats in a cookie sheet of water. Kellie and Connor were on opposite sides of the pan and were supposed to blow the boats to the opposite side, the winner being the one who got the boat there the fastest. Anyone ever heard of this one before? Well, the kids were in position and Brent slapped the water and sprayed the two of them pretty good. That started a mini water fight in the house.