Monday, December 28, 2009

Planning for a new year

This coming year, I am hoping to fulfill three main goals, maybe four, I'm still thinking about exactly what I want these goals to be. There is one goal, a family one, that Brent and I are already working on. It is to strengthen our home by doing things that allow the Spirit to be in our home as often as possible. We have already seen a huge change happening. I recently learned of the Peck family. They live in Tooele Utah and hosted two teens from the UK for a show called, "The World's Strictest Parents." (warning, BBC does not edit swearing and such in this video). I was quite impressed by the Peck family and wanted to learn more about them and their parenting style. I found out that Nicholeen Peck has a website, Teaching Self Government, and recently came out with a book called, "A House United, Teaching Self Government." I am still learning how to implement self government in our home, but already it is making a huge impact on our family. We had an appointment set to take one of our sons to see a sought out child phsychiatrist (or is it psychologist?). We set this appointment months ago but don't feel the need for it any longer. Our home has a great deal less stress going on and my children are learning to work together and get along with each other. I have tried many systems of discipline, some have put me on the right path, this one seems to combine the best of many programs.

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Nicholeen said...


Nicholeen Peck here,aka World's Strictest Mom. I happened upon your blog today while I was serching around the web for something. I am so excited to hear about your great success already. It is also so great that you and your husband are making improvements at home as a team! This will be one of the most important parts to succeeding in your family vision.

I am also grateful to hear about your son's progress. Most children do really well with the Teaching Self Government style of teaching, regardless of personality or chemical differences. In an atmosphere of love and consistencey children thrive. Many children feel lost and act up more when they do not really understand and invest an interest in their family government.

I can't wait to hear more of your successes.

Nicholeen Peck