Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Odds and Ends

It's finally summer! I love summer. It's been raining for most of it, but it was nice yesterday and today looks really good. Connor, Jacob, and Mailaya started swimming lessons yesterday. The boys are in karate two days a week. Kellie is cheerleading three days a week and this week she is attending cheer camp. The rest of us are just enjoying summer. We planted some square foot garden boxes and we've got stuff sprouting everywhere. Many of my flowers are in bloom!!! I think the plants are my favorite thing about summer. I love going outside and seeing the hard work I've put in through the years. Brent does a lot, but not much gardening.

Any suggestions on girl names? We are having a hard time finding a name that goes with the rest of the kids but isn't too similar. The baby is looking really good. It looks like she's going to be small, like Mckenna was. She moves a lot. I'm pretty sore from her position and how much she moves.

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Ladysam said...

Lets see, girl names I like are: Madison (hehehe) Bethanie (LOL!) Madeline, Alaina, Alison, Hailey, Hannah, Gabriella, Isabella (Madison's middle name, Emma ( a little over done in the Church ).
I love my gardening too. It is fun when you get to eat the first pickings of the crop you have planted. I LOVE it!