Friday, January 16, 2009

Odds and Ends

Life with kids is always, well, interesting. Today Mckenna had diarrhea (that doesn't look right). That, of itself, is no big deal but she decided to take off her own diaper. Twice, she did this, dripping the diaper all over the carpet. Why can't these things happen on the tile or linoleum? I guess we have no choice but to potty train her.
Mailaya is becoming quite an artist. I love her use of color and such. I'll try to scan one of her pieces of art so that you can see how good she is.
Kellie is pretty excited/nervous to start a new term in school. She'll get some new teachers and her schedule is turned around. Yesterday she told me that she was trying to get exercise for her chart (p.e) and hurt her wrist sleigh riding. I reminded her that she no longer had p.e. Her comment was, "oh, blonde moment." Ummm, she isn't blonde.
Connor had his braces tightened yesterday. He hasn't had them for all that long, but already his teeth are looking really good. I had a good chucke recently when I got a progress report from Connor's teacher. He is VERY brillliant in math. When he was in 1st grade, I homeschooled Connor and Kellie. He was pretty much self-taught in math. I decided to try Krypto with him and he would get the answer nearly every hand. Anyway, I got this report and he had an extremely low math grade and high English grade. He's not the best reader and this just cracked me up. I know his mind is on the wrong thing when he does math, but it actually shows how smart his mind is. For instance, if there is a pattern to the math paper is laid out, he'll find it. He finds tricks to all sorts of math problems. The tricks take longer than the problem, but he enjoys it.
Jacob, well, I'm having quite a week with him. Monday he took Connor's DS to school and left it there. He told me that he brought it home.

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