Sunday, October 5, 2008

Catching up

Sometimes life goes faster than I can run! It sure has been like that lately. My 5 year old started kindergarten this year and my oldest, jr. high school. It's amazing to see my kids growing and changing. It's hard for me to see them learn the hard lessons in life but fun to see them have hard earned successes.

Kellie is having a great year. She loves jr. high and the fun that comes with being 13. She and a friend share the same birthday and celebrated it together and with many friends this year. She has had some difficulties - GRADES. Her goal is to be a cheerleader and she has to have a 3.0 for that. School is not easy for her. I homeschool her in math and she has worked really hard to bring her grades up for the rest of her classes. Oh, and she worked really hard to buy her own chihuahua (from my brother). She loves her little Bella.

Connor is having a great year. He seems to have many friends. Connor has a difficult time in reading but is amazing in math. Public schools don't appreciate the differences in each child's brain but I know that eventually his reading will be just fine. Connor received his Bear Award a couple of weeks ago. This past Thursday he had braces put on his teeth.
Jacob is having a pretty good year. Jake suffers from a pretty serious case of anxiety. We are working super hard to help him learn to control this problem so that he can feel more like a regular kid. He is 8 years old but his emotional age is more like 5 or 6. He does really well in school - in every area. His teacher commented last week that he is finally loosening up a bit instead of sitting up perfectly straight and trying to be perfect on everything he does.
Mailaya is so excited to be in kindergarten. She was SO ready. She has a good start on reading and wants to write stuff all of the time. She started with lots of friends and is making many more. I laughed and laughed about her kindergarten testing. You see, Mailaya only does what SHE wants to do. She's quite smart. The teacher was asking her basic questions and she was pretending that she didn't know the answers.

Mckenna is getting so big. She is 19 months old and so full of energy. We don't know when she's going to choose to talk, but she knows everything we are saying. She does say a few things, dad, puppy (pup pup), kitty, ewwww (this one comes with a face), Mailaya (my-yay-ya) and some other things that pop up here and there. She's got the best smile and disposition. She's the only girl in the family that plays with dolls. She LOVES her babies.

Brent and I are doing well. Brent just turned 41!!!


Ladysam said...

Jen, I am so glad that you updated your blog! I was stunned to read that you have one in Jr. High! They look great!

E and K Rausch said...

WOW your kids have gotten so big and you have all of them but one is school!

gramee said...

your kids have grown so much..
your family is beautiful.
miss k. in jr. high!!
i moved to arizona a month ago..
miss you on the groups!

Ladysam said...

Jen, I sure love reading your blog! It is fun seeing the kids growing up! I cant believe McKenna is almost two!!! Time goes way too fast....especially when kids get into school age years.