Friday, September 10, 2010

My 12 Year Old

I love Connor. He has always been my sweetheart, cuddler and all around good kid. Lately he has surprised me. One day he needed his shirt for church. I was busy and couldn't get it for him. He decided to iron it himself! It was actually done pretty well. For the past few days he has gotten up, dressed for school and started on the packed lunches. He's a keeper!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Prayers ARE Answered!

I've had an emotional week. One of my children is really struggling right now. Actually, we have been struggling for years it has just recently moved to a new intensity. I have felt completely hopeless about this situation for a while now. Today, I found out how my prayers are being answered and how much people care about our family. We had a terrible morning today. I can't tell you how awful it was. I dropped the kids off at school and just had a stomach full of anxiety. I got half way home and decided that one child needed to be home today. I drove back to the school and ran in to the director of the school. She asked if I was okay and if we needed to talk. I ended up telling her about what was going on with my child. She in turn found my child's teacher and we had a short chat. In the end we decided to keep this child in school and they would help with the problem. I then found a message from our chiropractor (I'd pleaded with him for help) and he's going to do everything he can. He has given me some things to think about and different routes we can take. Two women that I've been working with in the school parent organization saw me at the school and were quite concerned that I was upset and both called a friend of mine to see if I was okay. My friend then called and listened to me while I spilled out my worries. I also have a neighbor that knows what is going on and is helping in her own way. I feel such an outpouring of love and can see a light at the end of this tunnel. So often I try to do everything on my own but can now see that this is an impossible task. Thank you friends!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Mckenna had an open house at her preschool. She has been excited since she found out she was going but got nervous just before it was time to go. She had so much fun meeting most of her classmates and playing. I knew she would go straight for the little tea set and she did - played with it for quite a while. I love her teacher. Kellie and Mailaya also had this teacher and she is wonderful. She got to teetertotter and play in this cute little mesh tent that hung from a tree. Next week she will have her official first day!


Karlyn has been saying a few things for a while but her little vocabulary is really starting to progress. Today she said Nenna (Mckenna), she says daddy, pup pup (puppy), squeals for kitty and mom mom. She is good at letting us know what she wants by putting her whole body forward and leading with her arms. She is such a little joy!